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woods for sale

Buy Flemish papers

Full-scale drawings of harpsichords, virginals and stands

The design and construction of some 5-octave 'Mozart' harpsichords

The design and construction of some 4-octave harpsichords in the Neapolitan tradition

Characteristics of instruments built in the Neapolitan School of harpsichord building



Biography and curriculum vitæ


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Geometry and the unit of measurement

Biography of Onofrio Guarracino

Instruments built in the past

Curator/Director, retired, of the Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments

Fredensborg Palace Concert

A tribute to John Barnes

A tribute to W.R. Thomas and J.J.K. Rhodes


Ethics of Musical  Instrument Restoration and Conservation:

Owner's guidelines before  restoration is begun


To restore or not to restore?


Restoration ethics and the controversial restoration of the Franco-Flemish harpsichord on the main page of this site

Contact details

Site map

Links to related sites

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