Some New Neapolitan-style Harpsichords

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The evolution of my interest in the Neapolitan School

Why choose a Neapolitan harpsichord as a model on which to base some new instruments?

General background information

Some of the characteristics of the harpsichords and virginals built in the Neapolitan tradition

The design of a prototype Neapolitan harpsichord

The construction of 4 prototype Neapolitan harpsichords

Some unusual particulars of the design and construction process of these 4 Neapolitan harpsichords

The decoration of these instruments

13 Steps to a revolutionary new method of construction of harpsichords

The next phase:

A five-octave Neapolitan harpsichord inspired by an 18th-century painting with Wolfgang and Leopold Mozart

All four of these instruments have now been sold, but click here to see more details of the finished instruments


          Grant O’Brien and Graziano Bandini have built two integral (cassa falsa levatoia) and two separate inner-outer (cassa levatoia) instruments along the lines of the information given above.  All of these instruments have now been sold. 

          The work on these instruments was done in the workshops of Graziano Bandini in Castel San Pietro Terme and in Sasso Morelli both of which are near Bologna in Italy.


Nameboard of Neapolitan harpsichords


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