The four new harpsichords built in the Neapolitan style have all been sold.


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Instrument No 1




Instrument No 2




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Instrument No 4





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           Four single-manual harpsichords have been built, all in the Neapolitan style and using the Neapolitan oncia.  These photographs show a number of views of the various instruments.  Instruments numbers 1 and 2 are of the cassa levatoia type in which the actual inner instrument is separate from its outer case.  Two other integral instruments (numbers 3 and 4) are of the cassa falsa levatoia type.  The transposing blocks beside the keyboard, added after the photographs were taken, are not present in the above photographs.


           A great deal of time and effort has been put into these instruments, and wherever possible compromises have been avoided.  For example, the instruments are very long compared to most instruments going only to C because the scalings are Pythagorean with a mathematically just scale right down to the bottom note.  One of the characteristic aspects of Neapolitan instruments is the large number of mouldings that are used on the case sides, jack rails and in the keywell.  We have not tried to reduce the number of mouldings in order to reduce the labour involved and therefore the cost of the instruments.  The instruments are also beautifully decorated by two professional artists, Stefano Pessione and Silvia Morsiani and we feel that this decoration, although costly, is both beautiful and very well carried out.  The elaborate stands require a great deal of work, and the elaborate music desks were also very labour-intensive to produce.


           The instruments are therefore of the highest quality and made without compromises.  They have many features not normally found on Italian harpsichords of this type.  They are not the lowest-priced instruments on the market as a result.


All of these instruments have now been sold.

The prices of these instruments varied depending on whether the instrument is or is not removable from its outer case, the type of stand, the type of music desk, the decoration, whether the inside of the lid is painted or not, etc.


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