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Keyboard Instrument Collections:

CIMCIM International Directory of Musical Instrument Collections

CIMCIM Members' Museums

The Royal Academy of Music Collections

The Royal  College of Music Instrument Museum

The Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments - this link probably won't work as the

University of Edinburgh keeps changing the address of their site.  Google it - and good luck!

The Bate Collection

The Cobbe Collection

Finchcocks Collection

Musical Instrument Museum Luigi Cherubini, Accademia, Florence

National Museum of Musical Instruments, Rome

Collezione Fernanda Giulini, Villa Medici, Briosco, Lombardia

Museum Vleeshuis

National Music Museum, Vermillion, South Dakota

National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

Museum of Musical Instruments, Leipzig

Musikinstrumentenmuseum, Berlin


Early Keyboard Instrument Societies:

The British Harpsichord Society

The Dutch Harpsichord Society

Historical Keyboard Society of North America

The British Clavichord Society

 International Centre for Clavichord Studies, Magnano, Italy

Boston Clavichord Society

German Clavichord Society (in German) - has perhaps the best compilation of current events as well as an enormous clavichord bibliography

Dutch Clavichord Society

World Keyboard Bank

The Boston Early Music Festival & Exhibition.

Richard John's Early Keyboard Links (mostly builders)


General Musical Instrument Societies:

The Galpin Society

The American Musical Instrument Society


Some British Harpsichord Players:

Penelope Cave

Jane Clark

Gary Cooper

David Leigh

Julian Perkins

Robert Woolley

Mahan Esfahani


Mailing Lists:

Harpsichord Mailing List


Drawing Lists

CIMCIM Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments in Public Collections of the World

Drawings available on this site



Annotated list of French harpsichords by Dean Anderson


Painting restorers who worked on the Franco-Flemish harpsichord:

Cinzia Pasquali and Alice Aurand





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