Johnny and Grant go to Mallorca April 2008

01 Train from Palma to Soller 02 Train stop a viewpoint above Soller 03 Tram in Soller to Port de Soller 04 Tram in Port de Soller 05 Johnny and Ma Bell 06 The track from Port de Soller to Deia
01 Train from Pa... 02 Train stop a ... 03 Tram in Solle... 04 Tram in Port ... 05 Johnny and Ma... 06 The track fro...
07 Olive terraces 08 A venerable olive tree 09 Port de Deia 10 Costal path back to Soller 1 11 Coastal path back to Soller 2 12 A big marble floating in the sea
07 Olive terrace... 08 A venerable o... 09 Port de Deia.jpg 10 Costal path b... 11 Coastal path ... 12 A big marble ...
13 A wild gladiolus 14 A grapefruit tree 15 A prolific lemon tree 16 Big, juicy oranges 17 Oranges rotting on the ground! 18 Oranges in flower AND fruiting at the same time
13 A wild gladio... 14 A grapefruit ... 15 A prolific le... 16 Big, juicy or... 17 Oranges rotti... 18 Oranges in fl...
19 SOOO many lemons! 20 Wonderfully kept olive terraces above Soller 21 Hacienda, orange terraces and Johnny 22 Sunday's walk goes up through that gap! 23 The Walk through Mallorca 24 The walk to Lluc
19 SOOO many lem... 20 Wonderfully k... 21 Hacienda, ora... 22 Sunday's walk... 23 The Walk thro... 24 The walk to L...
25 Climbing up to the pass 26 Getting higher and closer to the clouds 27 Path along the cliffs 28 Looking down the terraces to Soller 29 Olive terraces going up forever 30 Route markers
25 Climbing up t... 26 Getting highe... 27 Path along th... 28 Looking down ... 29 Olive terrace... 30 Route markers...
31 Top of the pass - great weather! 32 Wild rosemary in the mist 33 Away from the storm and into wild countryside 34 Our best view of Puig Major 35 Some more wild countryside 36 The monastery of Lluc
31 Top of the pa... 32 Wild rosemary... 33 Away from the... 34 Our best view... 35 Some more wil... 36 The monastery...
37 Monastery of Lluc - the old monks quarters 38 The monks aren't playing basketball today 39 Aaffy bright! 40 Palma from along the beach 41 Three thips on the thea! 42 Juan and John at Pep's
37 Monastery of ... 38 The monks are... 39 Aaffy bright!... 40 Palma from al... 41 Three thips o... 42 Juan and John...


Johnny and Grant had been working awfully hard without any breaks for far too long.  No visits to the Highlands, hardly out of Edinburgh.  So we decided to take a break and get away for a week. 


Somewhere that we could get to directly from Edinburgh.  We looked on the BAA Edinburgh Airport website and Mallorca jumped out at us.  2 hour flight straight there.  Grant had been to Mallorca years ago and knew that there were some lovely hills on the NW side of the island and stunning views over the sea.  That was it!

Grant's friend Pep Coll i Verd wasn't at home (doing voluntary medical work in Tanzania - like the thing Johnny and Grant did in Zambia) but his partner Juan was there.  Too bad Pep wouldn't be there, we'd go anyway and meet Juan.

So off we went!  Flight April 15 to Mallorca, return April 22.  Met Juan at the airport and his father very kindly took us to Pep's flat.  Walked into Palma along the shore, and made plans for the next day.

The weather conspired against us and in a whole week there we weren't able actually to get to the top of any of the hills.  It was cool, it was sometimes wet or at least cloudy, it was windy - sometimes gale force! - but we had a great time anyway.

The photos tell their own story.


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