F L E M I S H    P A P E R S

Designs made from wood blocks

hand cut by Grant O’Brien




Please note that the number of these hand-printed papers is now very limited.


            The customer is kindly asked to work out from the spaces on the instrument which need to be filled how many of the strips are required.  Please then e-mail your order giving the number of strips of each paper type to:


We will then work out the total cost including postage and packing and let you know the details of how payment can be made.  Please let us know where to ship the papers and whether you would like them sent by standard post (air mail is standard outwith the UK - air mail is reliable and fast) or by express courier (much more expensive and only marginally faster).

            Aside from the cost of the laborious task of cutting the blocks from which these papers were made, the major intrinsic cost arises from the cost of the acid free hand-made rag paper onto which the patterns are printed.  This paper is now made by only a few firms in Europe, and was made for us especially for the printing of these papers.  It has a low coefficient of expansion with wetting, it resists abrasion when rubber erasers are used on it to remove pencil guide marks, it is well sized so that ink and paint used on it will not bleed into the fibres of the paper and, like all acid-free hand made paper, it will not discolour nor become brittle with age.  It also has the same thickness and weight as the original Flemish papers.

            The numbering of the papers in the price list below refers to the numbers given to the patterns in my book Ruckers.  A harpsichord and virginal building tradition (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1990) pages 128-144.

            The prices below are for HAND-printed papers.  Only a small stock of these hand-printed papers is still available of some of the paper types at a higher cost than the machine-made papers.

These prices were updated 1 January, 2023.

            For a larger image of the wood-block pattern, click on the image given under 'Whole or partial sample'.


Paper type

Whole or partial sample



O'Brien Type 16

Dimensions:  384mm long x 32-44mm wide

20 £7.25 per strip

O'Brien Type 16 reverse

Dimensions:  382mm long x 32-44mm wide

7 £7.25 per strip

O'Brien Pellegrino 2

Dimensions:  342 mm long x 53-63mm wide

20 £7.25 per strip


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How to pay for the Flemish papers you have ordered

Laying the papers

Hints on laying the Flemish 'silk' paper (O'Brien Type 1)

Hints on decorating the papers after they are laid.

The 'Vermeer' paper (O'Brien Type 15)

Drawings are available some of which show how to decorate the papers after laying

The Ruckers book has been re-published by CUP.  Buy a copy signed by the author


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