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Catalogue of the available full-scale drawings


The following is a list of the drawings which I have made over the years and which are now available for sale from me.  They are all printed on 80 gsm cartridge paper.  See the price list and ordering details.


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'French' Ruckers Harpsichord

The drawing is of an aligned extended-compass harpsichord with a compass of G1 to d3 and with both manuals at normal pitch (A415).  The drawing includes the main instrument, lid, case, bridge dimensions, hardware, soundboard thicknesses, keyboards, etc.  There is everything you need here to make an instrument!

Drawing of Main instrument:  2320mm long x900mm wide

Drawing of keyboards:  1252mmx933mm

'French' Ruckers Harpsichord Soundboard Decoration

The layout and detail of the soundboard decoration with annotations giving the pigments and colours is given.  The decoration of the rosette wreath is not included on the drawing but a full-sized photo of an original Ruckers wreath is included. 

Drawing dimensions:  2009mmx829mm

Lid, lid flap and front flap decorations

of above for use with Ruckers papers

'French' Ruckers Harpsichord Lid, Lid Flap and Front Flap Decorations

The drawing shows the decoration and Latin mottoes of each section of the lid along with the line decorations, spacings and dimensions.  This decoration is intended for use with Ruckers papers.

Drawing dimensions:  2670mmx806mm

Ruckers spinett virginal

This is a drawing of the mother part of the mother and child virginal in the Castello Sforzesco, Milan.  This is one of the few surviving spinett virginals (which pluck nearer to the nut like a harpsichord rather than about one-third of the way along the string as the muselar virginals do).

I have attributed this instrument Ioannes Ruckers and dated it to the period around 1599 on stylistic bases as well as from the serial number written on various part of the instrument.

Drawing dimensions:  2540mm long x820mm wide

Polygonal virginal by Dominicus Pisaurensis, Venice, c.1555

An unsigned and undated polygonal virginal attributed to Dominicus Pisaurensis, c.1555.  This drawing was made by Andrea di Maio.

Drawing dimensions:  2530mm long x x1030mm wide

Flemish harpsichord stand

The 'classic' Flemish harpsichord stand made of rushed and fumed European oak.

Have a look at a photo of this stand.

Drawing dimensions:  373mm long x 74-88mm wide

Flemish table harpsichord stand

A number of Ruckers instruments have stands based on this type of design.  The measurements of a Flemish table made in Antwerp were adapted to design a stand for the 'French' Ruckers double-manual harpsichord listed above. 

Drawing dimensions:  850mmx850mm

Flemish virginal stand

This stand is almost identical to the stand under the well-known 1650 Ioannes Couchet muselar virginal in the Vleeshuis Museum, Antwerp with only a few modifications.

Drawing dimensions:  850mmx850mm

Venetian harpsichord stand

This is a 'classic' Venetian harpsichord stand.  But it could be used under a harpsichord from anywhere in Italy.  By reducing the dimensions of the legs and feet, a harpsichord bench could be made in the same style as the stand.

Dimensions:  830mmx700mm


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