Grant and Johnny in Zambia December 2006 to June 2007


We're back!!


Having spent 3 months in Zambia last year Johnny and Grant have decided to come back again.  Johnny didn't really get his teeth into the politics and personnel of the Clinic, and Grant wants to try to get some improvements done on the Clinic roof, wiring system and plumbing.  So we're back for 6 months this time.

We are staying at Flatdogs Camp near the entrance to the Park until mid January 2007, and we will then move to Kapani  for two months and then back to Flatdogs on 15 March.  We leave Zambia on 19 June and are back in Edinburgh in the afternoon of the 20th.








01 First days

01 Coming back to Zambia


09 High Water!

18 At Mfuwe Lodge

02 The elephant visit

02 Some thoughts from

Johnny, Jan 28, 2007


10 The trip to Chipata for supplies

19 Grant goes to Katemo

02a Christmas

03 Grant goes to Chipata


11 The birthday party at Kapani



03 Christmas to New Year

04 Johnny's Diary - 7 Feb., 2007   12 Drying out



04 New Year to Jan 20

05 Grant's Diary - 14 Feb 2007



13 A visit from Steve and Alex



05 A visit to Jeff Phiri's village


06 Grant's Diary - 10 April 2007

  14 Around Kapani



06 A visit to Gaston, Rogers

and William's village



  15 River Excursions and Game Drives



07 Visits to the Park



  16 Mbaza goes to Katete with Grant



08 Lunch at Wildlife Camp by boat



  17 Chipata and the second load of supplies




  This year we have found that we are kept incredibly busy with work on the clinic, sponsorship, and the amazingly hectic pace of day-to-day living out here.  Nonetheless we hope to keep this site up-dated with photographs of the people we've met, the animals we've seen, and our impressions of life out here.  Bookmark this page or add it to your favourite pages if you want to keep up-to-date with our activities.


Some links:

South Luangwa National Park

Here is a list of the sites of some the nearby camps and other relative sites:

Flatdogs Camp (where we stay until January 16, 2007)

Wildlife Camp (another 'campers' camp

Robin Pope Safaris (the top end of the market!)

Norman Carr Safaris (Kapani Lodge - Adrian and Gid Carr - two generous and lovely people.   We'll be at Kapani this year from January 16 to mid-March, 2007).

Mfuwe Lodge (a very posh camp inside the Park where we've been invited several times by the generous owner)


All you ever wanted to know about malaria

Where is Zambia?  (Map in Lusaka airport terminal)


Enjoy your visit to our site!

Grant and Johnny


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