Grant and Johnny in Kingussie, January, 2018

Photographed by Grant O'Brien


Kingussie (pronounced Kinyousee) is a small village on the Edinburgh/Perth/Inverness railway line.  It is a pleasant railway journey to get there

from Edinburgh and takes about 3 hours of beautiful countryside.  It is near Aviemore the popular hiking and skiing resort,

but far enough away that it is still very quiet and somewhat forgotten.  There is a number of good B&B's there and the restaurants are mostly

ordinary, although with one excellent eating hole (unfortunately closed in winter).  There are also lots of walks, hikes and cycling tracks nearby.

It is an excellent spot for a few days off:  we go there often.  But I don't think we've ever seen it as beautiful as it was this January!


01 Ruthven Barracks 02 Our first taste of the Winter Wonderland 03 Snow piled up on the deciduous tree branches 04 Johnny on the River Gynach Road 05 Coming out of the woods 06 Back to Kingussie
01 Ruthven Barra... 02 Our first tas... 03 Snow piled up... 04 Johnny on the... 05 Coming out of... 06 Back to Kingu...
07 River Gynack in Kingussie 08 Ruthven Barracks through the brances of an alder tree 09 Ruthven Barracks in threatening skies 10 The River Spey from the Kingussie Bridge 11 A sunny start up towards the moor 12 First glimpse of the moor
07 River Gynack ... 08 Ruthven Barra... 09 Ruthven Barra... 10 The River Spe... 11 A sunny start... 12 First glimpse...
13 Tracks in the snow 14 Why didn't we bring our skis - - - 15 Mist and cloud over Strathspey 16 Winter sun in the Monadhliath hills 17 Johnny looking cosy and warm! 18 On the way back home
13 Tracks in the... 14 Why didn't we... 15 Mist and clou... 16 Winter sun in... 17 Johnny lookin... 18 On the way ba...
19 Grazing light 20 GREAT winter weather! 21 The Lairigh Ghru
19 Grazing light... 20 GREAT winter ... 21 The Lairigh G...