Marking out of the baseboard and bridges



          Here the bridge, pre-bent approximately to shape, is being fitted to the marks made of the soundboard.  The small bridge-section jig, cut out on the un-moulded side can be seen lying in the middle of the photograph.   This was placed so that punched mark on the soundboard giving the position of the end of the string made in the initial marking out of the soundboard was just visible at the back edge of the bridge-section jig.  A bridge-positioning pin was then placed at the front of the moulded edge of this jig.  The jig was then moved away and the bridge itself was moved to bump up against the positioning pin just placed in the soundboard.  A second bridge-positioning pin was then placed behind the bridge opposite the first pin.  This  procedure ensured that when the bridge pin position was marked out on the bridge after the latter had been glued in place, the original string-position mark in the soundboard would lie precisely below the bridge pin marked out on the bridge.


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