Harpsichord-making woods for sale


Payment details


The customer is kindly asked to work out the amount(s) of each wood required depending upon need.  Please then e-mail your order giving the amounts of each wood you require to:


            We will then work out the total cost including packing and shipping and send you an invoice for the total amount.  To keep shipping costs to a minimum we will generally NOT crate the wood.  Instead we will protect any exposed edges and corners with sturdy cardboard and then wrap the wood in several layers of plastic bubble wrap to protect it sufficiently for transport.  Thus we will use the intrinsic rigidity of the wood to provide its own strength during shipping.  If you want us to crate the wood, then ask and we will provide this at extra cost - and obviously extra courier expense.  

            If you do not want to pay in pounds sterling (GBP), please let us know so that we can work out the amount of your payment in your local currency.  The invoice will then be made out in your local currency and will include the bank charges (if applicable) listed below.


There are three ways that you can make payment:

  1. Send us a cheque in pounds sterling (GBP) for the total amount including packing and shipping.  If you have any preferences regarding the choice of a courier, please let us know and we will get a quote from whoever they may be.

  2. If you send us a cheque in a currency other than sterling, please note that the following charges will be made by our bank:  foreign cheques up to the value of 100.00 are charged at a standard fee of 4.00. Those over 100.00 and up to the value of 2000.00 will be charged at a standard fee of 8.00.  We will add the equivalent of these amounts in your currency to the total costings to cover banking charges if this is the way you want to make payment.

  3. Make a bank transfer in pounds sterling (GBP) of the total amount to our Smile Internet Current Account.  This will incur no further charges or currency exchange costs.  The bank details are the following:

Name of bank: 

Smile Bank plc, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester  M60 4EP, England

Account number:  14380758
Sort code:  089286
IBAN:  GB58CPBK08928614380758


            The same bank charges as above apply if you transfer money into this account in a foreign currency.


            When we have received your payment we will pack your wood and send it by the courier of your choice immediately.


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