carried out in the past by

Grant O’Brien


Free-lance Restorations and Conservation work:

    Because I am now retired from my employment with the University of Edinburgh as Curator/Director of the Russell Collection and as Reader in the former Faculty of Music, I fill out part my time carrying out free-lance restorations and consultations.  In the past I have been engaged both by museums and by public and private bodies to carry out restorations of early keyboard instruments for them and to give advice about restoration and environmental control both in museums and in private collections. 

    E-mail me about help with restoration or conservation work at grant.obrien@claviantica.com or contact me at any of the addresses in:  Contact details.


Restorations and Conservation work:

 The Brussels Museum of Musical Instruments, Brussels, Belgium:

  1. Single-manual harpsichord by Giambattista Boni, 1619;  Brussels Museum Number 1603.

  2. 5-voet muselar virginal by Ioannes and Andreas Ruckers, Antwerp, 1604;  Brussels Museum Number 2927.

  3. Double-manual harpsichord by Ioannes Couchet, Antwerp, 1646;  Brussels Museum Number 276.

  4. Double-manual harpsichord by Burkat Shudi and Johannes Broadwood, London, 1773;  Brussels Museum Number 1604.


 Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali, Rome, Italy

  1. Anonymous single-manual Italian harpsichord with an enharmonic keyboard, Naples; Rome Museum Number 859.

  2. Anonymous single-manual Italian harpsichord, Naples, 1630;  Rome Museum Number 779.

  3. Single-manual Italian harpsichord, Ignazio Mucciardi, Naples, 1780;  Rome Museum Number 760.


 Schloß Cappenberg, bei Dortmund, Westfalen, Germany

  1. Double-manual harpsichord by Ioannes Ruckers, Antwerp, 1618.


 Ringve Museum, Trondheim, Norway

  1. Anonymous Italian virginal, ascribed by me to Iosephus Salodiensis, Venice, c.1560.

  2. Double-manual English harpsichord by Jacobus Kirckman, London, 1767;  RMT Nº 79/12

  3. Anonymous Italian Bentside Spinet.  Undated c.1650-1700.  Ringve Museum, Trondheim.  Inventory No. RMT 67/116.

  4. Double-manual French Harpsichord attributed to Antoine Watters (Vater?) 1737;  RMT Nº 372


 Museo Santa Giulia, Brescia, Italy

  1. Polygonal virginal by Gianfrancesco Antegnati, Brescia, 1554, on loan from The Ateneo, via Tosi, Brescia to the Museo Santa Giulia, Brescia.


 Franco Scala, Accademia Pianistica, Italy

  1. Single-manual Italian harpsichord, Francesco Fabbri, Rome, c.1630, property of Franco Scala, Accademia Pianistica, Imola, Italy.


The Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments, University of Edinurgh

  1. Double-manual French harpsichord by Jean Goermans, Paris, 1764/Pascal Taskin, Paris, 1783-4;  Russell Collection Number HD5-JG1764.29.


                     For further details of the Goermans/Taskin harpsichord click on the images below:




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