‘Some principles of eighteenth-century harpsichord stringing and their application’,

The Organ Yearbook, 12 (1981) 160-76.




- Written by Grant O'Brien

Edinburgh, 1980


Please note:  This paper was written in those heady days before we all had a computer.  So I have no version of this in any sort of digital format.  My apologies for the sometimes haphazard appearance and organisation of this paper as it appears here.  It is simply a cut-and-paste version of a scan of the paper made from the original Organ Yearbook published version.  All spelling mistakes and errors of grammar are my own!!!

Also some of the ideas presented here - and many of the numbers - have changed since I first wrote this in 1980 - almost 40 years ago!


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Some problems of restoration ethics in the restoration of a Franco-Flemish double-manual harpsichord


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