Grant and Johnny in Zambia May 22 to June 12, 2008


Where in Africa is Zambia?

Where in Zambia is the South Luangwa National Park?

Where is Mfuwe relative to the Park and the other Lodges and Camps?


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Mbaza in Lusaka and home

01 Mbaza in Lusaka and home to Mfuwe


Kapani and the Rugby Games

02 Kapani and the Rugby games

Anniversary and Park visits

03 Jess and Ade's Anniversary and visits to the park


Kakumbi Clinic

04 Visit to the Clinic to do the snagging


05 To Chipata


Sponsored Students

06 Some of our sponsored students


07 Nsolo Bushcamp

Sikin Village

08 Our visit to Sikin Village

Nsefu Camp

09 Nsefu Camp


Kaingo Camp

10 Kaingo Camp

Self-drive safari

11 Self-drive safari in the Park



Some links:

South Luangwa National Park


Here is a list of the sites of some the nearby camps and other relative sites:

Flatdogs Camp (where we stayed in one of the chalets and in the fabulous Treehouse)

Wildlife Camp - no time to visit this year

Robin Pope Safaris  who run Nsefu Camp

Norman Carr Safaris (Adrian and Gid Carr - two generous and lovely people)


All you ever wanted to know about malaria

Where is Zambia?  (Map in Lusaka airport terminal)


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The coalition lions - one of these was killed in a hunting safari outside the Park last year.  We were very distressed to hear this sad news.


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