Grant and Johnny in Zambia December 2005 to March 2006


Johnny has wanted to continue using his medical skills after retirement for a couple of years now.  After quite a bit of scrabbling around he finally found a 3-month position with a consortium of safari camps which work in the South Luangwa National Park and as a medical officer in the Kakumbi Clinic in Mfuwe, Zambia.  It's run as a sort of Robin Hood operation - the charges to the clients of the lodges bankroll the airfares and accommodation and Johnny gives his time freely to the clinic.

Mfuwe is slightly north and about an hour's flight east of Lusaka on the Luangwa River, a tributary of the Zambezi.  We stayed at Flatdogs Camp near the entrance to the Park until January 12, 2006, and then we moved to Wildlife Camp a little further downstream. 










01 First days

01 Reflections on our first days in Zambia


02 Around Christmas

02 The week before Christmas, Zambia, 2005


03 Christmas to Hogmanay


03 Christmas to New Year's, Zambia, 2005

04 New Year to January 12


04 New Year to January 12


05 To Wildlife

05 Our first week at Wildlife Camp


06 Grant goes to Canada


06 The Canadian Interlude - Jan 21 to Feb 10, 2006


07 A Visit from Scotland


07 James' and Andrew's Visit - Feb 11 to Feb 17



08 Project: Repair the Kakumbi Clinic Roof







  We came out on December 5, 2005, and we plan to stay here until March 12, 2006 when the new Doc takes over.  We then want to go down to Victoria Falls at the Southern tip of Zambia to see the Falls and the animals there.  The plans are then to fly to Nairobi on about March 19 where we then hope to go out to the coast and see Zanzibar where we'll meet George and Veda, go to Tsavo Game Park, and do some climbing in Northern Kenya (Mt Elgon) and perhaps go to see the gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda.

We hope to keep this site up-dated with photographs of the people we've met, the animals we've seen, and our impressions of life out here.  Bookmark this page or add it to your favourite pages if you want to keep up-to-date with our activities.


Some links:

South Luangwa National Park

Here is a list of the sites of some the nearby camps and other relative sites:

Flatdogs Camp (where we are 'til January 12, 2006)

Wildlife Camp (where we'll be after January 12, 2006)

Robin Pope Safaris (the top end of the market!)

Norman Carr Safaris (Adrian and Gid Carr - two generous and lovely people)

Mfuwe Lodge (inside the Park where we've been invited by the generous owner)


All you ever wanted to know about malaria

Where is Zambia?  (Map in Lusaka airport terminal)


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Grant and Johnny


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