The Pigeons at Gayfield Square

Over a period of about 3 years a number of pigeons has chosen to next in the rear window boxes at our flat at 13 Gayfield Square.  These are some of the photos of the various families of pigeons that have given us a lot of pleasure in seeing them develop and then, finally, fledge and head out into the big wide pigeon world.

01 Mrs Pigeon 02 Pigeon squabs 1 03 Pigeon squabs 2 04 Pigeons on Window Ledge 1 05 Pigeons on Window Ledge 2 06 Pigeon squabs and auntie
01 Mrs Pigeon.jpg 02 Pigeon squabs... 03 Pigeon squabs... 04 Pigeons on Wi... 05 Pigeons on Wi... 06 Pigeon squabs...
07 Pigeon on Pelmet 1 08 Pigeon on Pelmet 2 09 Pigeon on Pelmet 3
07 Pigeon on Pel... 08 Pigeon on Pel... 09 Pigeon on Pel...


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