Grant and Johnny in Glen Banchor, February, 2009

01 Glen Banchor, just above the River Calder 02 Johnny above Allt a' Choireann 03 Grant and Johnny in the snow 04 Johnny in THE WORLD 05 What a hero! 06 Arty photy
01 Glen Banchor,... 02 Johnny above ... 03 Grant and Joh... 04 Johnny in THE... 05 What a hero!.jpg 06 Arty photy.jpg
07 Winter in Scotland 1 08 Winter in Scotland 2
07 Winter in Sco... 08 Winter in Sco...


There was LOTS of snow in Scotland in February of 2009, so we took advantage of it for one weekend at least, and had a nice cross-country ski up Glen Banchor, just North of Newtonmore on the Perth to Inverness road/railway line.  We started out with the idea of going up Glen Tilt near Blair Atholl, but there wasn't actually enough snow around there, so we just stayed on the train as we'd heard that there was lots of snow in the Cairngorm area.  Newtonmore is 2 stops short of Aviemore which, we decided, would be too full of tourists and DOWNHILL skiers.  To avoid that strange yo-yo race we decided to stop at Newtonmore instead.  We weren't disappointed!

It was a gorgeous, clear, sunny day with mostly light, powdery snow!


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