Visit to a casetta in montagna

The Apennines that is not seen by any tourist!

01 Outside

02 Panorama

03 The vista

04 Possible bivouac

05 Possible Bivouac

06 Giovanni, Graiano e Franco

01 Outside.jpg 02 Panorama.jpg 03 The vista.jpg 04 Possible bivo... 05 Possible Bivo... 06 Giovanni, Graz...
07 Another vista 08 Appenine vista 09 House of the anarchists 10 Time to eat! 11 Mixed grill and vegetables, wine and nocino 12 The pizza oven
07 Another vista... 08 Appenine vist... 09 House of the ... 10 Time to eat!.jpg 11 Mixed grill a... 12 The pizza ove...
13 Guest bedroom 14 The old entrance 15 The sitting room
13 Guest bedroom... 14 The old entra... 15 The sitting r...

Just started work at Graziano's on our Neapolitan-style harpsichords on 2 October, 2008.

On 5 October we made a short journey in to the Apennines to a 'casetta' belonging to the family of a friend of Graziano's at an elevation of about 750m in the Apennines.

Remote, beautiful, quiet, run-down, stunning scenery, very Italian.