Copy of a Ruckers 'spinett' virginal

Made in Edinburgh by Grant O’Brien in 1981


Lock and hasp of the Ruckers 'spinett' virginal


Details about the lock and outer decoration

           The original false green porphyry decoration of the outer case survives on the rear spine side of the original of this instrument in the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.  This decoration consisted of a base layer of dark green paint with thick paint coloured in various shades from very dark to very light green over top of this.  The effect is very crude and doesn’t really resemble genuine porphyry marble very closely..  Off-white lines around the edges of the surfaces were painted on as borders.


           The front flap of Ruckers virginals was traditionally hinged along its lower edge to the front edge of the baseboard.  Normally the flap was permanently attached to the edge of the baseboard and the instrument was played in a standing position.  The lid could be locked to this flap using a normal hasp and lock as shown in this figure.  In this case of this copy the axle pins of the front flap hinges were made so that they could be removed in order to remove the front flap to allow the players knees to pass underneath the stand in the usual modern seated position.


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