Announcing the publication of the new Catalogue of the Collection of Fernanda Giulini, Milan

Alla ricerca dei suoni perduti - In the search for lost sounds

Arte e musica negli strumenti della collezione di Fernanda Giulini

Art and music in the instrument collection of Fernanda Giulini


John Henry van der Meer


Alla ricerca dei suoni perduti

In the search for lost sounds


I would like to take the opportunity to inform visitors to my site of the publication of the catalogue In the search for lost sounds by John Henry van der Meer. The text is both in Italian and English.  The subjects covered include:  a history of the pianoforte, the harp, the harpsichord and many other plucked instruments.  There are 60 catalogue entries of the instruments in Giulini Collection of Musical Instruments.  Each entry is preceded by an introduction introducing the history of the group of instruments in the following catalogue entries.  The catalogue is completed by essays on both art and musicology. 

The catalogue is accompanied with two CDs of music played on the instruments themselves.


CD 1: harpsichord, fortepiano,



CD 2: Organ, harp, psaltery,

guitar, mandolin


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