A Franco-Flemish double-manual harpsichord, originally a 'transposing' harpsichord made in Antwerp in 1617, and then given a bass ravalement in Paris in 1750 by François Étienne Blanchet.   Later given a treble ravalement in 1786 by Jacques Barberini and Nicolas Hoffmann.



One of the lid hooks of the Franco-Flemish harpsichord


One of the French roccoco-style lid hooks from the Franco-Flemish harpsichord


            This photograph, greatly enlarged, shows the exquisite moulding and casting of the lid hooks on the bentside of the instrument.  The brass has been chased and fire gilt and has been cleaned, but not restored.  The head of one of the vernis martin putti is just visible at the bottom of the photograph.


          The lid flap and main lid hinges are of an equal standard of casting and gilding.


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